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Solely FUJIFILM Europe employees are the creators of the exhibits on display at the “Inspire Printing” exhibition at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. “24 hours” is the motto under which they are exhibiting their photographs showing snapshots of their private lives: 24 hours, because there are many moments throughout a day worth being captured and put on paper. Until 10 September, 279 images are on display at “Inspire Printing” in Düsseldorf alone, while 50,000 photographs have already been exhibited in Japan. The “Inspire Printing” exhibition is part of the popular “Photo Is” photo event, which is already enjoying cult status in Japan and has collected and exhibited 280,000 photos so far. We had the opportunity to speak to FUJIFILM Europe employee Petra Kelm-Denner about her participation in the exhibition in Düsseldorf:

Ms Kelm-Denner, how does it feel to be presenting your own photo in a public exhibition and with it to be part of the global “Photo Is” community?

I am very, very proud to be a part of this truly special event. As an employee, I know how much effort, time and money was invested to get this project up and running. And all of it for the employees of FUJIFILM Europe. I think it’s fantastic to have a spot on a museum wall with a moment that is very special to me – who can say that about themselves? And then again in Japan. I feel honoured!

What can we observe on your exhibited photograph and in which context was it taken?

A nine-month- old eagle, which we spotted by coincidence at the foot of the Zugspitze mountain, on the roof of a hay barn. We found out later that the eagle had gotten away from its trainer. The photo was taken during a hiking vacation in Austria, quickly and hectically with a mobile phone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me – but I think it turned out well anyway.

Why did you select this photo in particular to be exhibited?

A special exhibition deserves a special moment. As I said before: Who can say about themselves that they have their work hanging in a museum, and how many people see an eagle up this close, in absolute freedom with the backdrop of the Zugspitze panorama? I wasn’t looking to demonstrate my photography skill, only the moment that gave me goose bumps.

What significance does photography have in your life – apart from your professional relations? Do you also surround yourself with photos at home?

I like taking pictures, with a camera as well as my mobile phone. I particularly like photographing special moments – such as vacations – and people.  In my private life, I love the classic photos in picture frames with a 10×15 or 20×30 format. They can be found in my private rooms, the bedroom but also my office. I very much enjoy decorating the fridge with photographs as well. I like to put current photos there.

What is your wish for photography? Where would you like to see photography in five years?

My hope is that people start printing and collecting their favourite photos more. Sadly, more and more pictures have become the victim of digital loss, even though it’s so nice to poke through photo albums and shoeboxes. It’s a joy for everyone to reminisce: How great is it to surprise someone on their wedding day, 50th or 70th birthday with a collage of their life and with it to not just share pictures but actual moments? I myself have lost important photos of my wedding, because we had already started taking some of the pictures with a digital camera. The CD is now broken and can no longer be read, which made us lose many precious memories.

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