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Spotlight 114: Transfer of information

Transferring information between paper and digital form means scanning and printing. Fujifilm has technologies that improve both. The VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) used for optical scanning offers high density, which translates to resolution. The SLED (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Device) packs many light emitters into a very […]

Spotlight 113: Fujifilm’s first twin-lens reflex camera

In 1954, Fujifilm introduced the Fujicaflex, which it developed to be the finest twin-lens reflex camera produced in Japan. Distinguishing itself from the many cheap models then on the market, the Fujicaflex incorporated a cutting-edge lens that delivered beautiful, high-resolution photos. The Fujicaflex was very favorably received by […]

Spotlight 108: Making night time photos a reality

At the beginning of the 1950s, amateur photography was beginning to take off. Addressing these new needs, Fujifilm introduced NEOPAN SS, a new monochrome roll film. Its big innovation was the extremely high sensitivity: it offered an ASA film speed of 100, and with it 2.5 times the […]

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