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Spotlight 35: Fujifilm to expand its electronic materials business

Successful semiconductor manufacturers move quickly. They demand quality and they require leading technology. For them, partnering with the right supplier is a critical decision. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, the US, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan, local sales offices throughout the world and on site applications support, […]

Spotlight 27: The History of FUJINON Lenses

In 1956, Fujifilm developed the first computer in Japan, which was able to process the mass calculations required for lens designing. This breakthrough development enabled Fujifilm to begin producing its world-renowned range of high-precision and superb quality FUJINON lenses. Lens designing is a culmination of numerical calculation. Really? […]

Spotlight 25: Sustainability Report 2015 available

The Sustainability Report 2015 of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has been published. The 47 page booklet provides an overview on the Fujifilm group’s business, on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Governance, CSR Management and others. Special focus is placed on the Fujifilm Sustainable Value Plan 2016, namely solving social […]

Spotlight 24: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Nowadays people pay increasing attention to health and wellness and thus ‘Healthcare’ has become one of the world’s most important industries. To meet the needs of this growth area, Fujifilm is on its way towards a comprehensive healthcare company, offering products in the fields of diagnosis, prevention and […]

Spotlight 23: Fighting lung cancer

Fujifilm has brought image analysis technology to the front lines of healthcare practice. One example is its application to chest X-ray diagnosis. The technology enables doctors to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses of early-stage cancerous lesions. Even for experienced and skilled doctors, it can be difficult to […]

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