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Spotlight 12: Focus on R&D

The Fujifilm Group conducts intensive research and development to achieve growth in existing business fields and to cultivate new businesses. Every year between 7 and 8 percent of consolidated turnover are invested into this area. The company’s Advanced Research Laboratories in Kaisei, Japan, takes the lead in the […]

Spotlight 11: About storage media business

Since decades Fujifilm has been involved in the development and sale of magnetic recording media but the main storage media has shifted from tape to CD, DVD and hard disk. Given these changes, people may think magnetic tape is no longer used. Actually, magnetic tape is again drawing […]

Spotlight 10: Our lenses are everywhere

Based on decades of innovation, our lenses incorporate advanced grinding and coating technologies that improve picture quality in photos, movies and TV. Nowadays our lenses are almost everywhere: in cameras, mobile phones, binoculars and medical devices. Our Fujinon lenses orbited the moon for a year on board Japan’s […]

Spotlight 9: Offset Plate Production in Europe

Some 30 years ago Fujifilm opened a photo paper factory in Tilburg, The Netherlands. In 1991 the first offset plates rolled off the production line on the same site. Printing companies are using offset plates to print products such as newspapers, magazines and packaging materials. With its three […]

Spotlight 8: Innovations over eight decades

Fujifilm’s history dates back nearly 80 years. While the target was first to produce photographic films, new business fields were entered step by step including medical and printing by making use of own technology. An overview in the newly published Annual Report shows highlights throughout the years applying […]

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