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Spotlight 128: ICT and Fujifilm’s new wave of innovation

Fujifilm has developed a wide-ranging ICT business, which it continues to refine and expand to drive innovation taking outstanding ICT achievements to the next level and continues to advance rapidly.One recent example is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which devices and appliances have Internet connectivity and ICT […]

Spotlight 126: Fujifilm – Examining Pets

Fujifilm offers medical equipment such as digital x-ray imaging diagnosis system and blood analysis equipment that are of the same quality as those used on humans and helps to protect the health of your precious pets. Examinations are crucial in veterinary medicine. Animals can’t say where it hurts. […]

Spotlight 125: Fujifilm launches MK series of new cinema lenses

Fujifilm has unveiled the MK series of new cinema lenses, which boast advanced optical performance, ultra-compact and lightweight design and excellent cost performance.  The rapid growth in popularity of  movies made by emerging cinematographers including corporate and commercial movies on the Internet boosts demand for high-performance cinema lenses […]

Spotlight 123: About the Power to succeed

One of the most successful transformation processes in business in recent years: Fujifilm was the second largest manufacturer of photographic film in the world when around 2000 the market for film began to shrink rapidly and digital photography took off. Fujifilm met this challenge with a remarkably successful […]

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