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DIY: Mother’s Day Gift

Upcoming Sunday it’s again the day to show every mother in the world what a great job she’s doing and to give her a little bit back of what she’s doing for us 24/7.

Of course, you should show your love not only on one special day but it’s a good opportunity to give your mom a special attention.

Make May 13 a day to delight every kind of mother – even those who say they don’t need a thing. What about creating a Mother’s Day gift which is budget-friendly and which your mom can cherish forever. Capture your shared lovely moments in a photo and create a unique memory. For example a bookmark, a greeting card or a own frame.

Greeting Card

You need a photo, a brass fastener, colorful paperboard, scissors, a cutter and a pen. First of all cut your paperboard into two pieces in the same size of your photo. Now you take a paper and cut out a design of your choice, for example ‘MOM’, a heart or just a circle.

Lay the two cardboards and the photo on top of each other and cut with the cutter on one of the upper corners a small hole so that the brass fastener fits through it. Now it’s time for embellishments. Use stamps, washi tapes, sticker or markers for paintings. Your self-made greeting card waits just for a lovely message to the best mom in the world.


For an individual bookmark you have to choose an intax picture of your choice or print a photo from your smartphone with the instax SHARE printer. Then you have to attach the cord string on the back of your instax with a glue. Additionally you can fix it with a washi tape. And your mom has a joy everytime she reads a book.

Have fun while crafting and have a nice day with your mother on Sunday.

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