Fujifilm Opening up the future.

Can technology change the world?
Can technology bring new happiness to the world?

At Fujifilm, we’re determined and passionate about change. We know change isn’t easy or fast. We hope to make it happen by building on our technologies, one at a time, aiming to achieve steady progress and make a lasting contribution to society.
We’re reaching into more and more fields, touching people’s lives in new ways as we apply our photographic technologies.
Unique technologies born of our desire to help people. Changing the world, one thing at a time.

When researchers from different fields meet up, totally unexpected and wonderful things can happen. There are no limits. With that in mind, researchers from Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Toyama Chemical and other companies in the Fujifilm group gather to share their ideas. Different fields including fine chemicals, advanced material chemistry, biotechnology, devices, electronics & mechatronics, optics, and software have come together for intellectual fusion and innovation to create new value. Through these activities, Fujifilm works for the happiness of people three years, ten years, and even 100 years into the future.

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