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Innovation Aquarium: Tape Storage

More and more data being created every day. In the fields of business, medical, construction, laboratory, gastronomy or art – digital data is stored everywhere.

Tape storage has established its role in effectively managing extreme data growth and has a big advantage in data reliability. LTO (Linear Tape Open) system is now positioned to address many data-intensive industries. LTO-7 cartridge has a 960-meter tape with 6.0 TB native capacity. This tape achieves a high-level data reliability. In addition, tape has a longer life compared to disk. The life expectancy of disk is only three to five years, where tape can secure data for over thirty years. Furthermore, the cost of energy can be saved by using tape. Disk for archiving uses much more power and generate much more heat while it spins, in contrast, tape needs less electricity for storage.

Fujifilm developed a new type of magnetic particle, Barium Ferrite (BaFe). So the data recording density was 62 times greater than standard computer magnetic tape, representing a breakthrough for magnetic tape. BaFe magnetic particles have the advantage that they can be greatly reduced in size to improve recording density without magnetic signal loss.

In the new future, tape storage should be more and more attractive to many industries where they are trying to generate new value using big data and developing Artificial intelligence technology.

Here you get more inforrmation about the topic.


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