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Inspired to print

FUJIFILM Europe is exhibiting 279 photographs, all taken by Fujifilm employees, at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf: “Inspire Printing” is the name of the photo exhibition on display as part of the “Photo Is” photography event currently on tour with 50,000 photo exhibits in the metropolis cities of Japan. In keeping with the “Inspire Printing” spirit, participants and guests of the exhibition are encouraged to put their favourite images “on paper”. Go Miyazaki, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Europe, opened the exhibition and has shared some interesting details about the background of the exhibition.

Mr Miyazaki, what is the background of the Inspire Printing exhibition and what does FUJIFILM Europe want to express with it?

The “Inspire Printing” exhibition takes place in the context of the international “Photo Is” event – a photo exhibition which is currently on display with over 50,000 images in the metropolis cities of Japan and has already advanced into a popular photo event among an enthusiastic photo community. The motto of the exhibition series is “24 hours”, as there are many moments throughout a day in our lives worth being captured, printed and put on display. The Inspire Printing photographs can be admired at the renowned NRW-Forum Düsseldorf until 10 September 2017.

How is it that the “Photo Is” exhibition on display in Japan can soon be visited as “Inspire Printing” in Europe?

All 279 photos, which have been collected through the European “Inspire Printing” campaign and put on display at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf, are also being presented at the global “Photo Is” photography exhibition in Japan. It must be mentioned that these photo exhibits are currently enjoying cult status in Japan: Thousands of photographers are already contributing their photos and are proud to be a part of this extensive photo community. A phenomenal 280,000 images have already been collected and submitted for this exhibition. We are all the more pleased that FUJIFILM Europe employees could now also participate in this photo event for the first time, to expand on the global exhibition.

What is special about the exhibited works?

This exhibition shows photographs which intentionally depict aspects of everyday life. The creators of the photos on display are without exception Fujifilm employees from all over Europe who are presenting moments from their private lives. With this approach, we as a photo and imaging corporation want to express that every image is worth being printed or developed in an analogue process and displayed on the wall. This way, visitors and participants should not only be made aware of our photography culture but of the culture of photography printing as well: In keeping with the “Inspire Printing” spirit, guests of the exhibition are encouraged to present their own digital photos as high-quality prints and consciously surround themselves with special memories.

That immediately raises the question whether you as Managing Director of FUJIFILM Europe also have a photo on display as part of this exhibition?

We had a lot of inquiries from interested Fujifilm employees who wanted to be a part of the exhibition with their photos and I also had no doubts that I wanted to be a part of this event. I exhibited the image “Beautiful sunset in Hamburg” – a photograph in which I captured a stunning sunset and documented a special moment forever.

As part of the opening you will also introduce Shacolla for the first time. Where is the connection and what is special about this new product?

With the introduction of our new imaging product, Shacolla, we address the ongoing trend of adding a personal touch to one’s home with memorable photographs. The Shacolla panels are made of hard foam that is adhesive on both sides for holding a photo or other motif on one side, with the other side stuck to a wall. They can be used over and over again, they leave no residue and require no additional aids. This allows for a flexible and creative wall decoration with photos – which we have proven hands-on with the exhibits in the Inspire Printing exhibition.

When is a motif worth being developed in an analogue process or printed on photo paper?

I am firmly convinced that every motif is worth this. Because photographed memories gain special significance when they are also printed and put on display. The look and feel of a photographic print is an experience that cannot be matched by viewing a digital image. This is a profound human need, which is currently also becoming especially clear through the growing trend towards instant photography surrounding FUJIFILM instax.