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Instax DIY shoe organizer

Soon the spring cleaning will be back on the to-do list. So again it means: Erase your home from fluff and give it a shiny and fresh look. Whip the whole house or apartment into shape, clean up, mucking out and everything that goes with it.

Who doesn’t know the corners at home that don’t get as much attention as they should? Usually, these areas are right behind doors that are able to be closed quickly – for example closet doors. There isn’t always enough space in the closet, especially for shoes. The chaos is created easily.

So why not starting to put the girl’s best friend in boxes to keep them away and clean? The Instax camera could be helpful to organize your shoe boxes that you can immediately find the perfect pair of shoes without opening all of the cartons and making a mess.

Thanks to Luzia Pimpinella for the inspiration and the great shots!

You need:

  • some shoeboxes
  • a glue stick
  • wrapping paper in your favorite colors and patterns
  • some foldback clips per box
  • one sample bag clip per box
  • Instax shots of your shoes
  • a scissors
  1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper so generously that it can be wrapped around all sides of your shoebox and folded into the box a little bit more.
  2. Now cover your box with the paper by using a glue stick and fold the excess strips around the corner. Apply the overlapping paper strips with glue, flip them inwards into the shoebox and fix the edges for a while with the foldback clips.
  3. Repeat the entire step for the lid and maybe for more shoeboxes.
  4. Now, if you’re happy with your finished box, it’s time for attaching the Instax photo of your belonging shoes. You have to drill a hole in the middle of the lid. A sharp item like small scissors can be helpful.
  5. Last but not least, clip your shoe image into the foldback clip and put a sample bag clip on the back bar. Lead the sample bag clip through the hole and spread the ends on the back in the box to fix it.

That’s it! On the one hand, your shoes have found a nice new place where they don’t get dusty, and on the other hand the Instax photos help you to quickly find the couple of shoes that you need immediately.

Let your creativity flow! Intax shots aren’t only helpful for organizing shoes. How about to arrange toys, DVD’s or tool this way?

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