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Instax DIY travel box

Only one more week until Christmas. Be inspired by our last minute instax gift ideas and give your loved ones a very special pleasure. So how about a DIY gift for somebody with whom you are connected by a big topic: the discovery passion. The Polaroid travel box is the ultimate DIY gift for Globetrotters which is done quickly.


The third Instax Xmas DIY is a gift idea for every loved one with whom you want to share memories of traveling together. (If you need some inspirations just take a look on!)


You need:

  • some favorite Instax shots from all over the world
  • water-resistant pen
  • world map
  • colourful pencil
  • fine liner
  • brown paper
  • white edding
  1. First of all you need to select the best shots from every location you have traveled together. After your selection you can label the instax shots with an water-resistant pen with the appropriate place.
  2. In addition you can document the itineraries on a world map. For this purpose, you can print a simple map of the world out, mark the countries with a colorful pencil and draw the routes with a very fine liner.
  3. At last arrange the photos and the map in the box and if you like you can decorate the box according to a theme. For example wrap it up in brown paper and embellished them with a white edding.

And the Instax travel box is done – filled with your personal shared travel memories.

If you like, take a look at our others Xmas DIY: The Instax Desk calendar and the Instax photo stand-up display. Enjoy crafting!

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