Spotlight 102: The potential of magnetic tape

The Information Age needs a good way to archive information. Something that has very high capacity, that can be stored for a very long time and that can be retrieved easily. Optical discs are not as long-lasting as they would seem, but good old magnetic tape has a […]

Spotlight 100: Instant photography creates new culture

Young people around the world have embraced a high-tech but easy-to-use device as creative tool for self-expression: instax.  In 2015, Fujifilm sold over 5 million units of the instant camera, and its mark continues to grow. Introduced in 1998, the instax instant camera allowed users to take and […]

Spotlight 99 Facebook Surround 360 with Fujinon lenses

The 185° fish-eye lenses contribute to Virtual Reality camera systems. FUJIFILM Europe GmbH is happy to announce that one of Fujinon’s 185° fish-eye lenses was selected as one of the key components for Facebooks Surround 360 camera system. Virtual Reality for everyone. Virtual reality (VR) is the future […]

Spotlight 98 Innovation in Endoscopy

What if endoscopy could be more comfortable for the patient? Stomach cancers would be detected earlier, and more patients could be cured. But endoscopes that go through the mouth irritate the root of the tongue. Transnasal endoscopes that go through the nose are much easier on the patient […]

Spotlight 97: Innovation in Digital Cameras

What is photography, now that every phone has a camera? Is it merely ever better technical specs, ever higher pixel counts?  Good photography remains an art. Yes, specifications count, but so do the eye, the heart, the emotions evoked by an image. At Fujifilm we have understood that […]

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