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Prestigious “iF Design Award” for 10 Fujifilm Products

Again this year, Fujifilm has been awarded the “iF Design Award 2018”, sponsored by the international design promotion organization iF International Forum Design (Hanover, Germany). 10 products including the 3D image analysis system for medical use “SYNAPSE VINCENT”, the hybrid instant camera “instax SQUARE SQ10”, ultrasonic processor, and broadcast lenses were awarded.

Fujifilm received the prestigious award for a wide variety of products from business products to consumer products such as the instax series, in recognition of their external design and also their high-performance, ease-of-use, and user interfaces that make them comfortable to operate.

The iF Design Award is a international design award launched in 1953, and is considered one of the top three global design awards, alongside Germany’s “Red Dot Design Award” and the United States’ “IDEA”. This year, there were 6,401 entries from 54 countries and regions judged by 63 experts.

It is such an honor to announce that so many of Fujifilm’s products were chosen for the iF Design Award out of many applicants from countries around the world. Fujifilm will continue to develop superior products in the future.


Award winning products for the iF Design Award 2018

  1. 3D image analysis system “SYNAPSE VINCENT”
  2. Hybrid instant camera “instax SQUARE SQ10”
  3. Instant camera “instax mini 9” (Overseas-only model)
  4. Vertical battery grip “VG-GFX1” (for the “FUJIFILM GFX 50S” medium-format mirrorless camera equipped with a large sensor)
  5. Interchangeable lens “FUJINON Lens GF23mm F4 R LM WR” (for the “GFX Series” medium-format mirrorless cameras equipped with large sensors)
  6. Interchangeable lens “FUJINON Lens GF110mm F2 R LM WR” (for the “GFX Series” medium-format mirrorless camera equipped with large sensor)
  7. 4K camera compatible portable broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA14 x 4.5”
  8. 4K camera compatible zoom broadcast lens “FUJINON UA27 x 6.5”
  9. Cinema camera lenses “FUJINON MK18 – 55 mm T2.9 / FUJINON MK50 – 135 mm T2.9”
  10. Ultrasonic processor(SP-900) / control pad (CP-900) / scanner (RS-900)”

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