Safety Shelter for birds in Düsseldorf

From now on the birds in Düsseldorf have another safety shelter – in the Backyard of the FUJIFILM Europe GmbH office.

With much sweat and love, an individual bird house was created at the Headquarter of Fujifilm Europe. We only needed a few pieces of wood, small screws, a screwdriver and a little manual skill to build this shelter.

Safety, Weather protection and Food

The bird house provides many benefits to birds, as well in summer as in winter. First and foremost our bird house offers the birds a safety place, where they are protected against the natural enemies. For feral cats and hawks it is difficult to penetrate to get to small birds. So the house is also usefull for nesting birds and to provide a protected nest for hatchlings.

In addition the animals can find vital food that they like to eat in the Shelter. It’ll keep different nuts and seeds weatherproofly and cleanly. Especially in winter, when the ground is frozen and the birds cannot pick out any worms, a bird house can be really helpful. Furthermore the Shelter offers a protection against harsh weather like snow, wind or extreme rain. So birds need less energy to adjust their body temperatures. Otherwise it provides shades for Titmice and Co. and protects against intense sunlight and heat.


We are looking forward to happy and safe birds in our surroundings and hope we could offer them an attractive approach point in the backyard.

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