Spotlight 10: Our lenses are everywhere

Optical_LensesBased on decades of innovation, our lenses incorporate advanced grinding and coating technologies that improve picture quality in photos, movies and TV. Nowadays our lenses are almost everywhere: in cameras, mobile phones, binoculars and medical devices.

Our Fujinon lenses orbited the moon for a year on board Japan’s Selene satellite. These special lenses delivered high-definition images to help scientists understand the moon’s origin and evolution.

Supplying the growing camera phone market: Fujifilm is a major manufacturer of the camera modules that have become an essential feature of mobile phones.

Many movies and TV shows are shot with Fujinon lenses. Our TV camera lens market share is remarkable. Fujinon surveillance camera lenses help provide security in public areas such as airports and harbors.

Look around and you will discover Fujinon lenses in a vast variety of applications: endoscopes, image scanners, binoculars and more. From outer space to internal medicine, our lenses bring the details into focus.

More Information: Business Fields – Optical Devices

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