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Spotlight 11: About storage media business

fujifilm_recordingmediaSince decades Fujifilm has been involved in the development and sale of magnetic recording media but the main storage media has shifted from tape to CD, DVD and hard disk. Given these changes, people may think magnetic tape is no longer used. Actually, magnetic tape is again drawing significant attention as a backup and archiving media for computer data.

While the life of usage or warrantee term of the hard disk is said to be about three years, requiring that they be periodically replaced, the archival life of magnetic tape is more than 30 years; data updates are needed less often and thus in many cases with regard to total cost for safely archiving data over a long period, magnetic tape is the better choice.

Fujifilm owns proprietary technologies for developing products to safely store data for the long term, including tape with barium-ferrite (BaFe) magnetic particles. In addition the company possesses the manufacturing technology for stable supply and is one of the three major manufacturers of magnetic tape. Government agencies, banks and other organizations rely on Fujifilm backup and archive tape technology to safeguard data and broadcasters record video footage on tape. It seems that more and more customers realize that using magnetic tape is a cost competitive method for archiving data.

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