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Spotlight 12: Focus on R&D

spotlight_r-dThe Fujifilm Group conducts intensive research and development to achieve growth in existing business fields and to cultivate new businesses. Every year between 7 and 8 percent of consolidated turnover are invested into this area. The company’s Advanced Research Laboratories in Kaisei, Japan, takes the lead in the group’s cross-cutting research and development of core technologies. The center brings together engineers specializing in fields from chemistry and physics to optics, electronics and software. Their areas of concentration represent a broad spectrum, including organic synthesis, thin multi-layer coating, precision micromachining, lens design, lasers, and image processing, which are all cultivated through the development and manufacture of silver halide films and digital minilabs. The labs facilitate a dynamic fusion of extensive knowledge, technologies and techniques in different areas.
This strong focus on R&D within the Fujifilm group is one of the reasons that just recently Fujifilm was listed again on the Thomson Reuters list of top Global Innovators and belongs to the world’s most innovative companies.

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