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Spotlight 13: Our Digital Cameras

dsc_x-seriesrangeFujifilm is one of the best regarded camera brands worldwide – and this may be due to the fact that we are one of the few companies that possesses extensive lens, sensor, and image processing technologies. From decades of experience in producing photographic film we know about the needs of photo enthusiasts and have successfully managed to transport classical values of photography into our digital camera equipment.

We studied the human eye and brain to revolutionize digital camera performance and develop cameras that see like you do. The combination of our CMOS sensors and EXR Processors enable our cameras to capture beautiful pictures without compromise. Nuances of color and shading are preserved just as you perceived it. The key is ultra-high resolution, high sensitivity with low noise and ultra-wide dynamic range combined in one chip.

With our award-winning range of cameras suited to Pros and enthusiasts alike, we are sure there is a camera in our range that will interest you. Our new X magazine has all the advice and inspiration for photo enthusiasts. A new issue will be published every month on Desktop, Android and iOS systems.

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