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Spotlight 14: Fujifilm 80th anniversary. Value from Innovation!

FUJIFILM_SloganTo celebrate the 80th anniversary of its original founding, Fujifilm has created a new corporate slogan, “Value from Innovation.” The company has moved away from its core business of photographic film and has been reborn as an organization that is involved in many businesses: Development of medical diagnostic systems using proprietary imaging technology to contribute to the early detection of disease, touch-sensitive films to expand the possibilities for smartphones and tablet devices, next-generation digital inkjet printers that revolutionize conventional printing, lenses developed for use in space to be utilized to explore the moon….

These are some examples of the current activities. All of these have come out of the expansion of our photographic film and related businesses. Our goal is to continue creating new values that people truly need. That is what we mean with ‘Value from Innovation’.}}