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Spotlight 23: Fighting lung cancer

Fighting lung cancerFujifilm has brought image analysis technology to the front lines of healthcare practice. One example is its application to chest X-ray diagnosis. The technology enables doctors to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses of early-stage cancerous lesions.

Even for experienced and skilled doctors, it can be difficult to find a slight change with a side-by-side comparison of the patient’s past and present X-ray images. Fujifilm has developed a sophisticated matching technology that automatically corrects previous images to match the current images. The new image of the chest tissue is superimposed onto the previous image in a highly precise way to clearly indicate any changes. The doctor can identify small cancer lesions, leading to an accurate diagnoses at an early stage.

Utilizing the collected massive X-ray analysis data, Fujifilm has applied its unique expertise to creating images that can save lives.

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