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Spotlight 43 Fujifilm’s Open Innovation: Listening to the customer and innovating together

spotlight43At Fujifilm, open innovation means collaborative innovation. We carefully select partners with whom to collaborate, and together we meld technologies and ideas to create new value. This approach is completely different from offering to share intellectual property just to get another party interested, or aiming for short-term profit. “We carefully select partners, and together we meld technologies and ideas” says Naoto Yanagihara, General Manager, Innovation & Strategy Planning Division of FUJIFILM Corporation. The Open Innovation Hub is a facility that allows business partners to have first-hand experience of fundamental and core technologies that underlie excellent materials and products developed by the Fujifilm Group, as well as fresh technologies, materials and products currently under development, so as to offer new business solutions. The company uses this facility to link the business partners’ challenges, ideas and potential needs with its proprietary technologies to create innovative products, technologies and services, thereby initiating a tide of Innovation.

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