Spotlight 48: Fujifilm launches new high-capacity magnetic tape storage media with Barium Ferrite

Spotlight48Recent technological developments have caused an exponential increase in the quantity of data generated worldwide. Such developments have included increases in data volume following the emergence of high-definition 4K and 8K video; the spread of supercomputer use in the areas of genetic analysis and drug development; and advances in the so called Internet of Things. At the same time, data that is rarely accessed as time passes, is estimated to account for over 80% of all data. As the utilization of accumulated big data rapidly increases, so does the need for reliable and cost effective long term storage of such data for future use. The use of magnetic tape is gaining in popularity, especially at major data centers, thanks to its storage capacity, portability, energy efficiency, total cost of ownership and suitability for long-term storage. Now Fujifilm has announced a new LTO data cartridge with compressed storage capacity and high speed data transfer for backup and archive of large volumes of data. More


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