Spotlight - Information about FUJIFILM Europe

Spotlight 5: Why Fujifilm is entering cosmetics?

Astalift_full_product_range2Did you know that Fujifilm has entered the European market with skincare products in 2012? Under the brand of ASTALIFT the company is offering a line-up of anti-ageing skincare products using Fujifilm’s technological background and expertise.

There is good reason to do so: Collagen is not only the essential ingredient within photographic film, it is a key component of the skin. Scientists at Fujifilm have been using collagen in film since 1934 and they have transferred their expertise to the ASTALIFT skincare range, which contains a blend of collagens to help supply and nurture skin.

Antioxidants prevent images from colour fading but they also protect the skin from UV damage as well. Who should know better than Fujifilm how to apply this knowledge to skincare? Unique technologies prevent UV rays and free radicals from weakening both collagen and elastin within the skin and by this help reduce premature ageing. Additionally, Fujifilm has applied its expertise in micronization to convert the ingredients into micro particles, enabling improved absorption within the skin while maintaining its effectiveness.

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