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Spotlight 54: Regenerative medicine – Part two

Fujifilm’s regenerative medicine engagement – Part 2


Let’s have a look at the strengths of the Fujifilm Group in the field of regenerative medicine. There is synergy between three companies with different specialties. Leveraging the power of artificially grown cells, regenerative medicine is a highly advanced treatment modality with the potential to fulfill unmet medical needs. Fujifilm has developed many technologies for photographic film that are applicable to this field. One is the ability to produce through completely artificial means a protein that is identical to the collagen found in the human body. Today, three Fujifilm group companies have joined forces in this exciting new field: Fujifilm, a major healthcare innovator; Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd., a global top runner in regenerative medicine products; and Cellular Dynamics International, Inc., a world leader in iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells). With three different specialties that form a synergistic whole, these companies are working together to move us closer to realizing regenerative medicine. More: