Sustainability Report 2017

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has compiled information regarding its wide range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the Sustainability Report (PDF file). This report is issued every year in order to promote stakeholders’ understanding.

“Only businesses that are able to implement medium-range strategies with long-term perspective and foresight will be able to survive and contribute to society as truly global corporations”, explains Shigetaka Komori, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fujifilm Holdings.

With this strategy and the business principle “open, fair and clear” Fujifilm tries to reach the long-term objectives.

Fujifilm comprehensively assessed social issues on a global scale, including climate change and the 17 goals and 169 targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and their business fields, technological capabilities and management and human resources. The company plans to (1) tackle issues in four areas: the environment, health, daily life, working styles; (2) enhance the CSR framework to ensure that the environment, ethics and human rights are respected across the supply chain; (3) strengthen its corporate governance. With the announcement of the key issues, Fujifilm Holdings will ensure that all employees recognize their own plans and promote their plans into certain achievement. With the concerted efforts of both management and employees, the company will survive and achieve success in the coming industrial revolution.

Reactionary movements against globalism are emerging worldwide. In addition, geopolitical risks and military tensions emerge in various parts of the world. As the SDGs state, the human race now faces a wide range of issues that require attention. At the same time, they are intricately interrelated, requiring the coordination of a large number of people and organizations. For this reason, it is important to build a corporate climate that is “open, fair and clear,” accepting differing values and embracing diversity.

The Fujifilm Group’s approach to corporate social responsibility is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting its Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities.

Here you see the full Sustainability Report of 2017 (PDF file).

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