Tag: Healthcare

Spotlight 96: Flu virus detection system

If you think you have the flu, time is of the essence. The sooner you get a sure diagnosis, the sooner treatment can start and the sooner you’ll feel better. Since influenza is highly contagious, early detection is also vital to protect others from catching it. Up until […]

Spotlight 83: Connecting Healthcare Community

While the volume of healthcare information captured and stored is increasing dramatically, medical professionals and patients need to access and share data, anytime, anywhere, on any device, in a secure and fast way. “Connection is a key factor to maximize success in this changing scenario, and Synapse, with […]

Spotlight 54: Regenerative medicine – Part two

Fujifilm’s regenerative medicine engagement – Part 2 Let’s have a look at the strengths of the Fujifilm Group in the field of regenerative medicine. There is synergy between three companies with different specialties. Leveraging the power of artificially grown cells, regenerative medicine is a highly advanced treatment modality […]

Spotlight 24: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Nowadays people pay increasing attention to health and wellness and thus ‘Healthcare’ has become one of the world’s most important industries. To meet the needs of this growth area, Fujifilm is on its way towards a comprehensive healthcare company, offering products in the fields of diagnosis, prevention and […]

Spotlight 23: Fighting lung cancer

Fujifilm has brought image analysis technology to the front lines of healthcare practice. One example is its application to chest X-ray diagnosis. The technology enables doctors to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses of early-stage cancerous lesions. Even for experienced and skilled doctors, it can be difficult to […]

Spotlight 3: Biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing powered by Fujifilm

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies joined the Fujifilm group in 2011. The company operates as a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization that works with international pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers to develop safe, cost efficient manufacturing processes for therapeutic medicines. The company is based in Billingham in North East England and North […]

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