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Analyzing medical images in 3D

Fujifilm has established technology to analyze CT and MRI images in 3D. This makes it possible to distinguish arteries and veins inside organs and visualize tumors and excision regions with high-precision 3D images. CT and MRI cross-sectional images are analyzed to render three-dimensional images Fujifilm has established technology […]

Fujifilm Opening up the future.

Can technology change the world? Can technology bring new happiness to the world? At Fujifilm, we’re determined and passionate about change. We know change isn’t easy or fast. We hope to make it happen by building on our technologies, one at a time, aiming to achieve steady progress […]

Spotlight 128: ICT and Fujifilm’s new wave of innovation

Fujifilm has developed a wide-ranging ICT business, which it continues to refine and expand to drive innovation taking outstanding ICT achievements to the next level and continues to advance rapidly.One recent example is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which devices and appliances have Internet connectivity and ICT […]

Spotlight 117: Making the invisible visible

Prescale is an advanced film that makes pressure visible. It turns red wherever pressure is applied, and the color density changes based on the pressure level.  And it’s only available from Fujifilm.  Prescale is an important tool in all kinds of industries and applications. For example, for tire […]

Spotlight 113: Fujifilm’s first twin-lens reflex camera

In 1954, Fujifilm introduced the Fujicaflex, which it developed to be the finest twin-lens reflex camera produced in Japan. Distinguishing itself from the many cheap models then on the market, the Fujicaflex incorporated a cutting-edge lens that delivered beautiful, high-resolution photos. The Fujicaflex was very favorably received by […]

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