Tag: innovation

Spotlight 24: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Nowadays people pay increasing attention to health and wellness and thus ‘Healthcare’ has become one of the world’s most important industries. To meet the needs of this growth area, Fujifilm is on its way towards a comprehensive healthcare company, offering products in the fields of diagnosis, prevention and […]

Spotlight 22: Advantages of magnetic tape for data storage

Data generation and accumulation is on a steady increase worldwide. With the challenges concerning effective Big Data application, there is also considerable interest in archives for accumulating data. The focus of attention is now on magnetic tape developed by Fujifilm for storage: Magnetic tape is superior because of […]

Spotlight 17: All about Fujifilm in Europe

‘Innovation is our driving power’ is the title of a new 20 page brochure about Fujifilm in Europe. The company transformed from a film producer to a global high tech corporation and reinvented itself. Seven business fields including Optical, Medical and Graphics are highlighted with surprising facts which […]

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