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Spotlight 83: Connecting Healthcare Community

While the volume of healthcare information captured and stored is increasing dramatically, medical professionals and patients need to access and share data, anytime, anywhere, on any device, in a secure and fast way. “Connection is a key factor to maximize success in this changing scenario, and Synapse, with […]

Spotlight 73: Major Improvements in Bone Regeneration

FUJIFILM Corporation has succeeded in significantly improving bone regeneration capability through the transplantation, to areas of defect in the calvarial bone of rats, of cellnest™ recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I, an extracellular matrix required for the cell cultures used in regenerative medicine. In future, this […]

Spotlight 54: Regenerative medicine – Part two

Fujifilm’s regenerative medicine engagement – Part 2 Let’s have a look at the strengths of the Fujifilm Group in the field of regenerative medicine. There is synergy between three companies with different specialties. Leveraging the power of artificially grown cells, regenerative medicine is a highly advanced treatment modality […]

Spotlight 31: PACS and VNA in Medical Systems

Fujifilm has a long tradition in medical IT, the company-owned SYNAPSE PACS nowadays has the Nr. 2 market share in the world and has been introduced to over 4,000 facilities around the world. Recently #Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) are attracting attention of experts around the globe as with […]

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