Tag: R&D

Spotlight 34: Stimulating future growth

When researchers from different fields meet, totally unexpected things can happen. There are no limits. With that in mind, researchers from Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, Toyama Chemical and other companies in the Fujifilm group gather to share their ideas. Different fields including fine chemicals, advanced material chemistry, biotechnology, devices, […]

Spotlight 30: Innovation – Technologies: Cultivation of Cells

Innovation at Fujifilm: Human-type collagen protein is produced by introducing genes into yeast cells and cultivating in cell cultures with genetic engineering. Configured in an array design with a high level of cell adhesiveness, the resulting recombinant peptide exhibits high levels of quality, safety, efficacy, and processability, offering […]

Spotlight 22: Advantages of magnetic tape for data storage

Data generation and accumulation is on a steady increase worldwide. With the challenges concerning effective Big Data application, there is also considerable interest in archives for accumulating data. The focus of attention is now on magnetic tape developed by Fujifilm for storage: Magnetic tape is superior because of […]

Spotlight 12: Focus on R&D

The Fujifilm Group conducts intensive research and development to achieve growth in existing business fields and to cultivate new businesses. Every year between 7 and 8 percent of consolidated turnover are invested into this area. The company’s Advanced Research Laboratories in Kaisei, Japan, takes the lead in the […]

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