Tag: Recording Media

Spotlight 102: The potential of magnetic tape

The Information Age needs a good way to archive information. Something that has very high capacity, that can be stored for a very long time and that can be retrieved easily. Optical discs are not as long-lasting as they would seem, but good old magnetic tape has a […]

Spotlight 22: Advantages of magnetic tape for data storage

Data generation and accumulation is on a steady increase worldwide. With the challenges concerning effective Big Data application, there is also considerable interest in archives for accumulating data. The focus of attention is now on magnetic tape developed by Fujifilm for storage: Magnetic tape is superior because of […]

Spotlight 11: About storage media business

Since decades Fujifilm has been involved in the development and sale of magnetic recording media but the main storage media has shifted from tape to CD, DVD and hard disk. Given these changes, people may think magnetic tape is no longer used. Actually, magnetic tape is again drawing […]

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