The world’s smallest and most lightweight portable zoom lens for 4K video production

Expanding the FUINON 4K lens lineup to 8 models catering to the various needs of 4K video, the UA24X7 makes it possible to shoot ultra high-definition, realistic video for live sport broadcasting and press coverage. The addition of this product expands Fujifilm’s 4K broadcast lens lineup to 8 models in total, catering to the various needs for 4K video production. Also, the “UA24x7.8” will be on exhibit at “IBC2017“, the International Broadcasting Convention to be held in Amsterdam in September. Looking at the popularization of 4K video, Fujifilm became a pioneer in the global industry with the release of a 4K compatible broadcasting lens in 2015. Furthermore, Fujifilm also began the sales of two compact and lightweight portable zoom lenses for broadcasting in June of this year. Fujifilm continues to contribute to the market expansion of 4K broadcasting by expanding their lens lineup.