Healthcare Innovation Spotlight


Integration and automatization of clinical workflow processes in all hospital’s units are made possible thanks to the adoption of the Fujifilm Synapse portfolio. Giovanni Delgrossi, Vimercate Hospital Information Systems Manager, explains the innovative path followed along with Fujifilm Medical Systems in order to achieve their forward thinking aim.

We designed an architecture that allows us to make the hospitalized patients workflow management very efficient; diagnostic examinations’ admission and delivery processing time have been dramatically reduced, real time diagnostic responses are immediately available for the different physicians and departments that, thanks to the perfectly integrated system, can access relevant clinical documents with digital signature and  all images in a totally automatic and mobility way.” 

Vimercate Hospital is part of the Regional Healthcare society and manages  the prevention, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation with the prime goal of driving improvements in the general health and wellbeing of the Lombardy residence. The Hospital corporate sector is divided into hospital facilities and departments organized by different areas of care and technology / medical equipment,  consistent with the national legislation.

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